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My second wife is much younger than I am, and it seems like she never gets tired. On our honeymoon, it seemed like she could go all day and all night, but I couldn’t keep up with her. For our first anniversary, I surprised her by getting Climaxagen. I took both products as directed for 2 weeks before the big day and I made sure I was “too busy” with work so she wouldn’t get an early taste. Our anniversary was amazing. For the first time not only could I tire her out, but I could actually outlast her.

Rich T., St. Petersburg, FL

Used both steps for 3 weeks. Have to say it worked great. Ladies really like when I can take it slow and last all night. Don’t try to cheap out and use just 1 step like I did at first. You got to use both to get that hell yeah effect, but oh man is it worth it.

Mike D., Baltimore, MD

My divorce shredded my self esteem and it was really hard to get back out in the dating scene again. I didn’t think I had anything to offer, and with all my ex’s mind games I wasn’t sure I knew anything about pleasing a woman anymore. Climaxagen really helped me get back on my feet. I was able to build up my stamina to the point where I knew that if the right girl came along, I could give her all the pleasure she could handle. Thanks to all the extra confidence, dating has been a lot more fun. I’m enjoying being single more now than I ever did in my 20s.

Ryan H., Omaha Springs, CO

My wife has been on this self improvement kick. She got a face lift and is finally working off the weight she gained when she had our kids. Meanwhile I’m the same old guy I’ve always been. I didn’t like the way the men at the gym were looking at her. Thanks to Climaxagen, I don’t have to worry that she’s going to try and trade up. I can be all the man she needs.

David J., Mesa, AZ

After I hit 40, I really fell into a slump. My career was going nowhere. I was anxious all the time. My libido took a hit, and so did my stamina. It was very rough on my marriage, which only made me more anxious. My wife and I were fighting a lot. I was upset at first when my wife bought me the Climaxagen system. It can be hard to admit that you’re struggling and you need help. But I have to say, Climaxagen made a world of difference in my marriage and my life. When you know you have staying power to really please a woman, the confidence you gain goes beyond the bedroom.

Eric G., Lexington, KA

My wife never complained about my premature ejaculation, but she would always seem to be in a bad mood after we had sex, finding all kinds of other things to nag and complain about. But when she started having “headaches” all the time, I knew things were getting worse. After I used Climaxagen, she changed her tune real quick. Not only did the nagging stop, she could never get enough of me. It’s like when we had first fell in love. Thanks Climaxagen!

Jeff W., Edmond, OK

I love my guy, but his performance in the bedroom was just…well….frustrating. Every time I’d start to get going, he’d be done already, and he never seemed interested in trying anything new. He hates going to the doctor, so I was looking up something we could try at home and that’s how I found Climaxagen. The difference is like night and day. He lasts much longer, and he’s up for trying fun new things because he knows he’s got the stamina to last through whatever I’ve thought up!

Julie K., Sacramento, CA

I had always wanted to last as long as a porn star and give a girl multiple orgasms. Now with Climaxagen, I feel like a total badass in bed. I can hit her from every position and still make it to the big finish.

Justin P., Lowell, MA

From a woman's point of view, I can tell you that Climaxagen has pretty much saved my relationship! I love my husband, dearly but it was really difficult for me to deal with his premature ejaculation every time we had sex. I was starting to have second thoughts about our marriage because even though he was so great in every other way, maybe we weren’t right for each other in the bedroom. I went in search of a premature ejaculation treatment and discovered Climaxagen tablets. He was hesitant to try it at first but now he's so glad that he did! Climaxagen gives him the ability to maintain his sexual stamina for hours! We both think that it's the best male enhancement product out there. THANK YOU!

Sandra L., Pittsburgh, PA

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