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How It Works

Climaxagen works to help men regain stamina and control during sexual encounters.

Many men experience a reduction in stamina and sexual control. For some men this is temporary - for others, a pattern of quick sex and premature ejaculation leads to a serious lack of confidence. Even worse, it can disappoint and frustrate your partner. This reduction in a couple's intimacy results in a lack of desire.

Why let these problems affect your confidence, your relationship or your life?

The answer is simple: Climaxagen.

Climaxagen Tablets

Climaxagen tablets contain a potent blend of herbal aphrodisiacs, including epimedium and dong quai, to improve your endurance and sexual performance. Climaxagen Tablets also aid in vasodilation, the widening of blood vessels in the penis. This expansion of the penile chambers increases the overall size and quality of your erection. So not only do you last longer, but your erection is bigger and harder than ever!

Climaxagen Tablets contain ingredients like epimedium and passionflower to promote the secretion of testosterone. This provides super-charged libido and stamina, along with larger, firmer erections. Your partner has longed for this kind of satisfaction and, with Climaxagen tablets, you can deliver.

Climaxagen Topical Cream

Climaxagen's Potens Continuus formula helps calm the body's reaction to stimulation without numbing the skin to help you experience greater sexual control. Climaxagen Topical Cream's specially designed transdermal delivery system used isopropyl myristate to help the ingredients absorb quickly and start working in minutes.

Unlike old-fashioned delay creams that numb your penis, Climaxagen will not negatively affect you or your partner's experience. The active ingredients are absorbed by your body right away, leaving only the inert, inactive ingredients on the surface (which makes a great lubricant!)

Why Climaxagen

The Climaxagen system's fast-working formulas give you the ability to delay climax and last longer than before to fully satisfy your partner. Experience increased stamina, libido and pleasure during sex that lasts. Don't settle for less!

Try Climaxagen Tablets and Topical Cream now and start having the best sex of your life!